Why School Bullying Needs to End

For many times schoolyard bullying has been experienced in many schools thus affecting the lives of numerous kids who study in these schools. This practice often have massive effects on the lives of many kids in a negative way whenever they are trying to improve their lives. So schoolyard bullying needs to end and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Kids can get hurt, bad

This one is personal to me because my little brother got badly hurt by a bully. His name is Brian, and although he’s all grown up now back in 3rd grade he used to come home in tears claiming he was being teased. Mom told him to ‘fight back’ one day and that was the wrong answer. Brian did fight back but he literally got his face re-arranged in the process and had to have some facial cosmetic surgery to clear up some of the damage. He still has a scar on his cheek to this day.

2. Has psychological effects on the school-going children

Kids who are bullied can get crazy. It’s proven. Just read up on some of the history of the columbine shooting. Schoolyard bullying has lasting psychological effects on the school children that will ultimately affect the performance in class. For every parent, it is important that they do know how their kids do in school as this may affect the kids adversely if the condition is not corrected within the shortest time period.

3. It reduced mental health and increased feeling of sadness

Kids who are going to school might sometimes experience reduced mental health if they face consequences of schoolyard bullying. The only way to ensure that these kids are able to learn within such conditions, schoolyard bullying should always stop especially for those who need to improve their performance.

One consequence of schoolyard bullying is feeling of sadness among the children. However, through a psychological help, they will be able to understand on what they can do especially when looking for ideas on how it works in a special way. These kids will learn on how to deal with the situation when they want to feel good and happy.

4. Changes in sleep and eating patterns

Schoolyard bullying can lead to changes in sleep and eating patterns among kids who are going to school. This means parents must understand the behavior of their kids if they want to learn on how they can improve their ability to learn much easier. In the end, they will enjoy learning that would translate to better performances much easier.

5. Loss of interests in activities that they use to enjoy

One of the dangers of Schoolyard bullying is the Loss of interests in activities that they use to enjoy especially during their times within the schools. Nevertheless, dealings with Schoolyard bullying might be one of the easiest ways of talking to your kids on how they can grow as kids who will have massive effects on the society when they grow up to be responsible.

Don’t let your kid be a bully mom, or dad. And if your child is being bullied, make sure you address the problem in a careful manner instead of just telling your kid to ‘fight back’ because you run the risk of getting him or her hurt even more. Talk to a teacher to address the problem. And if the problem is severe, go to the police. And teachers, LOOK out for signs of bullying that are happening under your nose. Don’t turn a blind eye on these kids!